If You Only Had 4 Seconds, How Would You Make A Sale? Steal My Favourite Opening Lines For Ads, Emails & Sales Videos
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If you only had 4 seconds, how would you make a sale? Fast Rapport, Instant Attention, & Fresh As A Daisy
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In This PDF You're Getting
The Best Way To Sell Online In 4 Seconds Flat. People's attention spans are short... VERY short. Bust through their cloudy social media haze with 15 words (or less). 
The 7 Best Opening Lines For Any Ad, Email or Video (Including 42 Examples So You Can Instantly Fill-In-The-Blanks)
Feel Excited Again To Open Your Social Media & Emails To A Flood Of Sales And Positive Vibes From Your Followers
FINALLY Say, "Goodbye," To Your Haters Or Self-Doubt Telling You That You Can't Do This/That. You CAN - Just Start Writing & People WILL Read!
You have to make me a promise: you can't use this to wrongfully harm others or prey on the weak. When you can sell and persuade, it's the #1 most valuable skill in business. Be kind and do no harm.
They Call Me The... 
Hokage of Sales Copy
If you were looking at my life on paper, here's what it would say: Copywriter. Weeb. Brother. Son. Boyfriend. In the eyes of the powerful, pffft... I'm a nobody. But who am I in reality? Who am I in this moment?
  • Able To Control The Sale with tens of thousands of skeptical potential customers, continually bringing it back to the salient points. Not getting distracted by the BS and the ephemeral.
  • Able To Overcome The Fragile Egos of people who doubt me, tell me I'm wrong or a loser, and overcome my own inner demons constantly (knowing tomorrow will be better)
  • I Was Also Able To lead marketing campaigns for Cadillac, Toyota, Android, Elle Magazine & USHEALTH GROUP by the age of 25. Launching ads, promoting events, generating and selling to leads with digital marketing
  • *Hokage and if you don't know, then "Hokage" generally refers to the strongest ninja/political leader of a village in the TV show "Naruto"
Yes, I Want to Know How That Hypebeast Asian Guy Writes Copy!
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